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Kittywoods are one of the most unique all natural cat toys you can get for your own cat or as a gift for another kitty. They are a wonderful alternative to catnip that combines both play and dental health. 

Kittywoods are cut from all natural sections of vine of the silvervine plant and contain natural oils that cats are attracted to just like catnip. 

You gently rub off some bark of the stick to release the scents then give to your cat to enjoy. Many cats will gnaw and chew on the Kittywoods either by themselves or with you holding it. It acts just like a natural toothbrush and is a safe alternative for your cat to chew on instead of wires, plastic, or anything else they find laying around.

Where is Kittywoods From?

Kittywoods, more commonly known as silvervine, is a plant which produces an oil that cats are naturally attracted to. The plant is native to the mountains Japan and China and grows like an ivy on trees and rocks. It is officially named Actinidia Polygama but gets the name silvervine for the distinctive color of its leaves.

How do Cats React to Kittywoods?

Every cat reacts to Kittywoods in their own unique way. You have to try to find our hows yours will! Some will bat the stick all around the floor and chase it like a mouse toy. Many will roll around and try to rub their faces or back on them and others will rub their gums along the stick. They love to gnaw on it either while holding it in their own paws or with some help from you! However they play, it is always adorable!

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