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Our story starts on a rainy day whilst walking down the street of San Francisco California, I found two cute little kitty (FLUFFY AND NUTELLA) sitting in the corner of the street I decided to pick them up and take them to home. After a couple days passed off I discovered that fluffy and the nutella was scratching my Couch and curtain with full aggression whilst they were sick, then one of my neighbour said its due to stress and anxiety. So he gave us a stick which he used to grow in his farm from a plant called Actinidia polygama. He said “This wood will help your kitty in relieve the stress and anxiety As it’s a herbal catnip, Dental stick, Toy and a teeth cleaner all in one” and after using kittywoods just for few weeks it actually changed my kitties life incredibly. So me and my neighbour Thought to start a company called KITTYWOODS to help all the kitties around the globe. You can check the reviews about how kittywood changed kitties life all around the globe.

We hope your cat enjoy the Woods as much as we enjoy offering them to you. For any questions, comments and concerns please feel free to contact us