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KittyWoods was founded in San Francisco California after adopting two cats from a local shelter named Fluffy & Nutella. 
Fluffy was diagnosed with a form of gingivitis that required frequent Vet check-ups and teeth cleanings. The Vets encouraged us to give Fluffy expensive dental treats daily and to encourage her to play, and chew on her toys to stimulate her gums and teeth. After spending hundreds of dollars over a course of a few months, we decided to do some research into all natural options and discovered a widely used plant in Japan called the Actinidia Polygama. This plant by all accounts was a cat-magnet and many reported cats seeking it out solely for the purpose of chewing for their tooth and gum health. 

Upon further research, we took a chance and ordered a bundle of Actginidia Polygama from a local- and the rest is history.  Fluffy immediately took to this plant and began chewing on it and playing with it. By the time our next Vet check-up came around, the Vet openly commented on how good her teeth look and encouraged us to continue whatever it is we are doing at home. That set it in stone and we realized that KittyWoods needed to be created for use of cats and cat-parents across the world. 

Since then we have helped thousands of cats around the world, and received hundreds of fantastic reviews about our product. We encourage everyone to give KittyWoods a try at least once, and to read our reviews about how it changed kitty lives. 

We hope your cat enjoys the Woods as much as ours do. For any questions, comments and concerns please feel free to contact us

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