You know that our cats have a character, they just think for themselves. However, these feisty character doesn’t stop us cat owners from bringing just a little bit more happiness and fun into our kitties lives and so we give them catnip. But as we all know so well that there are also cats who aren’t affected by catnip, they’re just not interested. So how to make them happy? Well, we gotch your back so that’s where Kitty Woods pops in;)

The Kittywoods tree comes from the same family as the Kiwi Tree that grows in Asia. The dried twigs of this tree have a very special effect on cats. There is a substance that cats like to eat, which helps them relax. The woods contain Actinicine and lactone, these are alkaloids that affect the nerve stimulation in the brains of felines. It is often the case that cats who are relaxed have less interest in the sticks than cats that are suffering from stress.

The Woods appears to invoke a more intense euphoric response in cats than regular catnip. Fun behaviors such as rolling, licking, drooling, increased playfulness and a general increase in cat activity have been noted. Kitties tend to chew Kitty woods to strengthen the effects (which is why some gardeners have found precious blossoms destroyed by their kitty neighbors) and it has been widely reported that this can help to clean cats teeth and reduce the amount of plaque.