KittyWoods is the World's first 100% Natural and Health Beneficial Catnip which is taken from the Actinidia Polygama plant.
It's made to enhance the breath and whiten teeth while chewing and contains two extra active elements that gives the often sought after euphoric and calming effect of Catnip.

KittyWoods was developed to keep your cat healthy & active for as long as possible offering them a healthy de-stress physical and mental solution all-in-one. Our cats LOVE them, and we think yours will too.

KittyWoods Benefits

100% Healthy 100% Natural

Kittywoods - The Stick Your Cat Will Chew Forever!

    Cats are highly sensitive to stress and anxiety, and can exhibit these problems in a wide variety of ways. Hiding, Hissing, Scratching, Furniture Chewing, Hair Loss, and Litter Box problems are only some examples. Using KittyWoods can heavily reduces this as it gives your cat a safe and natural outlet to mentally and physically de-stress through physical play and mental relief due to natural cat-nip effects.


    Indoor kitties can become lethargic due to their stand-still environments and lack of external stimuli. While toys and playtime provide enhancement, the use of KittyWoods can re-hone their natural predator instincts giving them something to physically pounce on, and the mental reward of being able to chew, and bite on something.  


    As your kitty chews the KittyWoods, the soft wood massages their teeth and gums reducing plaque formation and increasing tooth durability. Some Vets believe that Kittywoods, when used in this way can also help common gastrointestinal issues found in cats such as Colitis, IBS, and Crohn's Disease.


    After having KittyWoods, your cat will have released pent-up physical energy and received all the calming effects of Catnip. Don't be surprised when they come for some cuddles!


Excellent stick give your cats to play with - or give them just to keep them from chewing your furniture! Great product! My cats absolutely love these sticks even my one year old kitten that doesn’t normally care for catnip, loves them! He carries them around in his mouth meowing and tosses them in the air all across the house! Great purchase!

My cat went crazy over these. He loves these far more than normal catnip. I bought these because my cat likes catnip and has a form of chronic gingivitis. His Vet recommended giving him  dental toys/food/treats to help his teeth and his bad breath. He loves playing with these and I love the health benefits. Win win. 

I just received these - *very* quick delivery! I ordered these on a whim as my cat likes to chew on my shoes sometimes and I had hoped something like this would help. Boy was I right. She not only stopped chewing on my shoes but is now constantly playing with and bringing her KittyWoods with her everywhere she goes. Great buy!

I was skeptical about this stuff, but my cats really do enjoy it. They chew on it, chase it, bat it around, etc. They don't seem to seek it out though. I have to give it to them for them to play with it. I felt like I got my money's worth. I'd definitely recommend it.

At first the cats didn't know what they were. After teasing them with a stick then letting them 'catch' it, nature took over and they had fun. Then they both passed out on their backs, totally relaxed. I don't know how long they last but I'll be re ordering them when I need more.

At first I thought that I had wasted my money buying these. He had no interest in them at all. But, don't ask me why, he's become a fiend for them! Tosses them, chases them and gnaws. Good product, weird cat.